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Know your "Blind Spots"

Monday Feb 04, 2019

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A Life Coach's Specialty or Niche Area

Sunday Feb 03, 2019

Hello Everyone,   Welcome to another episode of Coach stories from the coaching world   In Today's episode, I would share with you how Life Coaches arrive at their specialty niche    In the previous episode while I gave you a tip as to how you can identify a Life Coach by their specialty, in today's episode I shall share the process applied by Life Coaches to arrive at one.   Even though knowing one's niche is an important part of any Life Coach, but unlike other professions where a specialty is chosen right at the beginning of the course, in coaching it works the opposite way, What a Coach specializes in, is based on a Coach's Coaching experience with time.   Let me share with you an example.  Nothing could be more relevant than my own  So when I began coaching, coming from an HR background and into projects I always thought I would be a Career Coach, or Coach assisting people set things up like an Organized Coach. because I was way too methodical and process oriented. However, my diverse experience as a Coach, helped me understand my craft at a more deeper level, especially when I did the free coaching sample sessions and ended up speaking to people from every walk of life.   These experiences gave me two insights : What are the most common and typical problems or issues that fall under the scope of Coaching Which cases are coach-able and which ones are not   Where did my strength as Coach lies in the vast number of people and cases I was coaching at a point in time.   Specialty in Coaching is actually the focus area that not only defines a Coach skill and expertise but also the problem area the coachees are in need of assistance .   Arriving at a specialty is not as easy as it seems , because some areas in coaching overlap with one another and to gain focus amidst the many grey and overlapping problem areas requires lot of focus and effort,which comes only with real time experience .   This is also the area where most coaches continue to struggle .   So next time you come across a Coach ,loud and clear about their specialty or niche area ,you can easily deduce they are not only experienced ,but also an expert in their craft.   Now, you must be wondering ,what is my specialty or niche area   As a Life Coach ,my specialty is into growth and development of "Self"   I help people gain a better understanding of their "Self" because most of the problems we encounter hold its root in the self, that we are  &  The best solutions to any kind of issues/problems lie in the correction of the very same root i.e (Self)   That's all for today, thank you for being my audience and taking the time to listen to my podcast series.   Look forward to connecting with you again, in another episode till then have a great time ahead.   If you have any questions ,comments or feedback , feel free to write it to    You can also visit my website,  to gather more details    Check the link for our coaching programs   Thank you once again    Talk to you soon.

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